VLT® Lift Drive LD 302

Reliable operation and excellent riding comfort

VLT LiftDrive provides a reliable operation and excellent riding comfort for at least 2.1 mill. cycles in operation in an environmental temperature below 45 °C. It is perfectly suitable for new installations or for modernization, because it can be implemented without motor contactors and in less than 10 minutes.

VLT LiftDrive is suitable for all motor types , including asynchronous motor, induction- , permanent magnet -, copper pipe- and direct- start- PM-motors. It can be used for rope – and hydraulic lifts in open or closed loop operation.

Its compact design and intelligent cooling concept make a simple installation possible, even when there is not much room. Because of a number of integrated functions,additional components are not necessary. Scalable EMV-filters minimize electro-magnetic disruptions; integrated DC-chokes suppress harmonics and at the same time ensure that the frequency converter corresponds with the respective EMV-standards and adapting transformators are not needed.

  • High availability, long service life at 2.1 million driving cycles at 45 °

  • Universally usable for rope lifts, hydraulic lifts and industrial lifts up to 690 V

  • Operable complete device , filter and interfaces integrated

  • Permanent magnet –synchronous motor and asynchronous motor

  • Approach control terminal, DCP3/4 and CAN Open Lift

  • Encoder TTL, HTL, Sinus & Open Loop

  • Absolute value encoder SSI, ENDAT, BISS

  • Longevity and improved compactness

  • Improved riding comfort

  • Less noises

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